Is The Day Before a Big Scam? Shocking Evidence Video Leaves Fans Stunned

The zombie MMO The Day Before is becoming significantly ending up being a PR catastrophe. After different shifts, a legal conflict over the name rights and frustrating fan reactions to brand-new gameplay material, the accusation of fraud enters play-i.e. actually!

everything simply scams?

The designers steal so brazen The hype around The Day Before threatens to topple! What started as a promising zombie MMO in the design of The Department or The Last of Us is now just sound and smoke. A just recently released video of the game was not particularly well received by the fans.


The empty video game world and the dull gameplay were mainly criticized. More on this in this article: Checking out tip New gameplay from long-awaited zombie shooter dissatisfied fans Gregor Helmholtz Now the next hammer follows! Mindful fans have actually noticed a lot of resemblances in between The Day Before and other video games. It is specifically about marketing the zombie mos. The Day Before apparently not just influenced by games like The Division or The Last of Us, however rather managed it brazenly. The finest method to persuade yourself with the comparison video yourself: It is truly frightening like The Day Prior to has copied aesthetics, cam hinges and whole scenes 1 to 1. Not only pictures or the cover are affected, but also trailers. For instance from Call of Responsibility: Black Ops Cold.

fans compare the day before with mobile video games

For lots of users on Reddit, the case is clear: this is scams and The Day Before for that reason a brazen rip-off.

This should be one of the most advanced scams in the history of the computer game.

At this point, copy unmarked things from other video games to use them in their marketing so that individuals are hyped. You have actually copied Cod, Thou and The Department and pretend that no one would discover it.

It is literally among these rip-off mobile video games, but in the AAA variation. It remains to be seen whether the developers react to the accusation or just remove the scenario.