Manuel Neuer Talks Ski Accident, Retirement Possibilities For The First Time After Injury

I didn't want to see the World Cup video games at. I walked 10 kilometers on the first day and on the second again. Which goalkeeper runs 10 kilometers two days in a row? I may have had a speed of ten or twelve kilometers per hour. I talked to those accountable and stated that I was sorry.

Without the history at the World Cup, Manuel Neuer does not desire to talk about his accident. If I inform that now, I would start earlier: in Qatar. There was a lot there, Manuel Neuer begins in an interview with the Deutsche Dating about his skiing accident in December. For the conversations about the One Love captain and the frustrating initial round-there was the sensation that we had little assistance at home for the national goalkeeper. Because the departure on getaway to Iceland was just reserved for December 19th after the World Cup final, he still had to bring in the house for an excellent 2 weeks.


And then I was sitting here, and it is actually shit, reports Never about his circumstance at the time. I didn't want to see the World Cup games in the beginning. I didn't withstand it. I strolled ten kilometers on the first day and on the 2nd once again. Which goalkeeper runs ten kilometers two days in a row?

This is actually a child's birthday.

Manuel Neuer about his eventful ski tour Movement was his therapy in this stage. Others talk to psychologists, I went running, hiking on the third day and on the 4th day on a ski tour with friends from the area here, he discusses in an interview. I have actually been skiing for over 30 years, for me, it's like getting rolls. Could increase, mountain up and slope down. For us this likewise indicates Swabian round since you don't pay for the lift. On this day it wasn't like getting rolls: Never suffered a broken lower leg and will no longer play this season. There was something that stopped me under the snow, he says, however plays down the risk of the trip slammed after lots of sides. I may have had a speed of 10 or twelve kilometers per hour. That was not School or Golden, but my regional mountain on Lake Tegernsee. From: We hit the apricot schnapps in the hut. Mind. I have already driven this path umpteen. That is really a kid's birthday. After the injury, he had the feeling that he had let the team and club down. I right away put an image in our WhatsApp group and asked forgiveness, he reports. I spoke to those responsible and stated that I was sorry. I am not a snap hare that ducks away. I described everything, including the background. FC Bayern's management initially fell into shock stiff, the negotiations with him were then somewhat booked. I could comprehend that, says Never.

After the World Cup, it was hard for the club any way to deal with the disappointment of the players. Then the club chose to sign an additional goalkeeper, I was not talked to. The dedication of Yann Summer by Borussia Mönchengladbach and the outline of goalkeeper coach Toni Tapalovic-a choice, the Never plainly slammed the return of the 36-year-old at the German record champs despite all the success. Apparently, however, does not believe of a profession end. He was positive about his injury due to the fact that there is a clear method back, I'm not in the dark. He likewise omits a withdrawal from the German national team at the present time. National coach Hansi Flick also clearly assumes that I will return. If I don't perform, I will clear the post, says Never. However do not count on it!