Sonic Frontiers: What We Know About The Next Sonic Game And How It Could Transcend The Series

Mario Hashimoto exposed on his Twitter profile that the next Sonic branch is already under advancement. He explained in information how exactly the video game could look. All subsequent concepts are based on the feedback from the neighborhood. Of all, the open zone gameplay from Sonic Frontiers is to be further established. It is already being considered for the sequel. This is not surprising, since in November studio manager Takashi IZUKU spoke of a template for future video games.

other playable characters prepared

The next huge action is to present other playable characters.

In addition, even higher value is put on the plot because it has not been optimally executed in the current part. The characters in particular should be the focus in the future. In addition, the designers want to continue developing the fight system. This should make the battles even more profound and more intense.


Many fans criticized the repetition of earlier levels, consisting of Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant. This should no longer take place in the future. In principle, Sega continues to concentrate on persuading single gamer experiences. The Japanese publisher is likewise open to multiplayer games. By the way, Hashimoto will not be the only director for the next spin-offs. Rather, several directors are planned to be accountable for various jobs. Otherwise, Hashimoto also spoke with the Homing Dash mechanics, which was found purely by chance throughout advancement. In the end, the group chose to leave them in the video game as a gameplay bonus. Additional reports on Sonic Frontiers: An effective restart? Sega names existing sales figures First details on the complimentary DLC content of 2023 Hashimoto already revealed last month: Boost mechanics could be deleted in the follower. This should receive more control over the gameplay. More reports on Sonic Frontiers.