Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Strategies to Help You Stay Alive in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Where were you when the zombie apocalypse started? Were you running in circles, panic, or did you relax in your favorite pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate while the rest of the world burned? With the right steps, you could also be the last. So, if you prefer to keep your humanity, here are how to survive a zombie apocalypse video games, movies and television series.

Survive a zombie apocalypse

While you cannot always plan all variables, we have a fairly solid list of ideas and preparations that you can implement to have the best opportunity to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Create an action plan

Image through Rogue Pictures A horde of zombies definitely fits under the umbrella of an emergency, as well as floods, fires, earthquakes and an alien invasion. As in any emergency, panic is the last thing you want to do; Errors are a first leg to join the Walking Dead Club, where food is bad, and its uniforms look terrible. To survive, you need contingency plans. Contingency plans do not have to have several layers deep; In fact, keeping it simple is ideal since too many details leave more space for errors.


Shaun of the Dead by Edgar Wright is a perfect example of this. Shaun's action plan is simple: take the car, go to Mom's house, kill Phil (sorry, Philip), grab Liz, go to Winchester, take a good cold look and wait for everything to happen. Of course, surviving also means learning to plan on the march. Whatever the plan that you can think of at the time, never ignore an incredibly important detail: always have an escape route.

channel your inner maneuver

Image through Naughty Dog If there is something that zombie games make fun, it is that any inanimate object has more than one use, and not necessarily as a weapon. To survive, it's time for you to start looking at everything in your home under a different light: just look at titles like The Last of Us, where you are grabbing elements from left to right to create useful elements. You would be surprised to know how many people are not familiar with basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers or even a saw. It may sound strange, but consider building a chair, since it will give you a great opportunity to feel comfortable with a variety of tools. If zombies touch your door, you will have all the necessary knowledge to design a gun and defensive equipment.

Watch for the work you want and need

Image via Tech land Did you ever notice that the characters wear more tight clothes during a zombie apocalypse? It may be a coincidence, but large and large clothes tend to be easier to grab for zombies, not to mention that it is engaged in nearby objects such as a door knob or a lost nail. For maximum survival capacity, take some Dying Light wardrobe notes, except hoods. When you are putting together a survival kit, include clothes like comfortable joggers, tight blouses and running shoes. In addition, consider changing your hairstyle. It is not worth dying for your long and luxurious hair that you spent weeks conditioning perfectly. He is practically begging to be grabbed by a carnivorous zombie.

Past the essential and something else

Image through AMC With the collapse of society, there is a good possibility that money loses its value, which means that the supplies we take for granted now become even more valuable than gold, such as water, food and medicines; Just ask the crew of The Walking Dead. What you need is a survival kit; In fact, what would lead to a camp trip is a good starting point: Sleeping bag and an emerging tent Water and food (not perishable) Medications and a first aid kit. Rechargeable devices (flashlight, radio) Tools (Swiss razor, ax, flint and Yes ca) Cup kitchen utensils (laptops and save space) You can find all kinds of online gadgets and gadgets, such as a flashlight with a built-in radius and a cargo port that is recharged through solar panels. A device like that becomes invaluable in a world without energy.

polishing those survival skills

Image through Blues In case you need to evacuate your home, you will only have space for the essential. There is only a lot of space for food, which means that at some point you will need to find more. Days Gone de Bent Studio taught us that you will survive much longer if you practice your survival skills.

Even a basic knowledge of fishing, hunting, the search for food and making fire will put leagues ahead of other survivors, not to mention that it is an invaluable source of knowledge in a group environment. In fact, if the room is left over, consider buying books on the aforementioned topics, in addition to basic medical care. There you have: how to survive a zombie apocalypse in five simple steps. Do not surprise at all how useful video games and means to create a contingency plan if things go wrong. Maybe video games are not so bad, after all! Related Posts A sequel to The Most Beautiful War Story in Gaming is now available on Netflix The 15 most iconic cure elements in the history of the game The old-school parody intimate is a clear reminder that Tetris makes you violent Interview: Jen Cohn talks about the voice performance of Overwatch 2, the love for the video game community and more Eminem almost starred in a film adaptation of one of the largest video game franchises