TSG Hoffenheim Finds Its Way Out Of Crisis With Pellegrino Matarazzo At The Helm

The decision seems to be made, according to tails, the 45-year-old is the successor to the released André Breitenreiter in the beginning blocks.

a top candidate Quasi from the start

Even if one or the other alternative may have been inspected in parallel, Pelegrín Matarazzo was among the leading prospects for the workplace of the new head coach in Cofferdam from the start. So it will now come according to tails. The 45-year-old ought to for that reason be installed shortly and will lead the training as soon as possible to prepare the struggling TSG for the important house video game on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At ) versus Bayer Leverkusen. This Tuesday afternoon, the 2 assistant coach Frank Rolling and Darius Scholtysik headed the very first unit after the Domination Breitenreiter The previous assistant coach is now returning as a primary coach. It will be a double home video game for Matarazzo.


As a relic of his very first time in Cofferdam, the American still deals with Italian roots in the region near Laden just a few kilometers from the TSG head office in Zuzenhausen. The returnee also knows the TSG effectively.

2017 in the young paranoia

In 2017 Matarazzo moved from the young location of 1. FC Nuremberg to TSG and first trained the U 17 there. Simply 6 months later, the then head coach Julian Nagelsmann brought him to the expert group and his side as an assistant coach. The two had been familiar with and appreciate each other at the joint course at the football teacher. As early as 2017 at TSG Cofferdam: Pelegrín Matarazzo as a U-17 trainer. Imago Images/Eisner Already after Nagelsmann's departure towards Leipzig, Matarazzo had hoped for a promo, but Cofferdam brought Alfred Schneider rather, who also brought his sibling Penis as a familiar assistant.

In December 2019, the ambitious coach increased to the head coach, now at VfB Stuttgart. Matarazzo led the 2nd division club back to the Bundesliga and held the class twice with CFB (15th and 9th). After nine winless games at the start of the ongoing season, this can be found in Stuttgart on October 10th. Now, as the follower to the shot André Breitenreiter, he is expected to stop the totally free fall of the TSG and lead the leaning club out of the dangerous zone and bring it back on course. In any case, the requirements could hardly be better, Matarazzo knows the structures of the association, the favored design of play, however also numerous workers and gamers along with their traits, strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, it will be an enormous challenge to gather the just recently uncertain troop and remind the former efficiency. From the start, the American belonged to the more detailed prospect circle. The responsibility is now imminent.