Union Berlin Defy Bayern Munich in Thrilling Leipzig Game - Record Champions Sit on High-Flyers After Comeback

The high-flyers of Union Berlin sit on record champs Bayern Munich thanks to a furious return. At the form-strong competitor RB Leipzig, the passionately battling Berliners made a 0-1 deficit in a wild top video game on Saturday and won 2: 1 (0: 1) late. Due to the 5th triumph in the 5th league game 2023, the Unions with 42 points are one point behind Bavaria. A volley hammer by Janis Haberer (61st) and a converted charge from Robin Knocked (72nd) brought the Berliners to such an important success. Benjamin Heinrich (24th) brought the Leipziger in the very first round in front of 47,069 viewers in the sold-out Red Bull Arena. For RB, it was the very first defeat after 18 competitive games. With 36 points, the team of coach Marco Rose is five on Europa-League-Platz.

Leipzig sets the sound

If Leipzig phoned his efficiency, it would be unusual to score three times there, Union Handling Director Oliver Runner stated before the game. However, at the beginning, the saxes struggled to bite their teeth at the Union 5 chain. At the start of the game, the show value on the lawn was as moderate as the mood in the stands, where the 4500 union fans traveled with the very first 15 minutes in protest against the construct RB. When the Berlin appendix ended up being active again, the video game likewise picked up more speed, with Leipzig initially representing a dead stop without defense chief Will Orbán, who only sat on the bench after his stem cell donation throughout the week. With so much combined concrete, it took a single project for the first opportunity to rating, which was also without delay.


Heinrich, left-back in the RB 5 series, managed from 20 meters and shocked Union goalkeeper Frederik Connor, who might have prevented the deficit.

RB payment withdrawn according to video proof

With the lead in the back, the hosts let Union come increased, however the Knickers had their issues to produce chances themselves. If they happened, they were reliant on Leipzig mistakes and utilized them. After a high ball win, Herald Becker (38th) all of a sudden stood easily in front of RB keeper Janis Basic. The goalkeeper was able to distract the striker's effort to go into the goal from a severe angle. After the break, the game began as much as it began in the very first half, but all of a sudden Union showed up. After a corner, Haberer fell in front of his feet, who struck stunningly. Knocked securely turned the point from eleven minutes later on when referee Daniel Sch lager selected a charge after a handball in Mohamed Simian. The supposed settlement of the replacement Yusuf Paulsen (74.) was whistled back due to a previous offside position in the view of the video images.