FC Bayern Munich: Julian Nagelsmann's Fire Speech Revealed Before Victory Against Union Berlin

With a team eve the victory versus Union Berlin, FC Bayern devoted itself to the champion battle and showdown in the Champions League. The Munich group also inspired a fire speech by trainer Julian Nagelsmann. As the Build records, Nagelsmann attracted his group in the past week and also shocked in a back speech. To start with, the instructor is stated to have actually said sorry to his team for the referee excuse in the 2: 3 against Playback. Nagelsmann described umpires Tobias Well and also his group as soft-washed pack. He did not follow his duty model feature. Nagelsmann further described that he just wished to protect himself before his team with the statements. As a further point in his speech, Nagelsmann carried out the topic of mentality and revealed the gamers the method to the champion. His personal adage audio: Love to win, shedding! He additionally wanted to move that to his group. According to the record, the 35-year-old declared unrestrained greed for success.


This should likewise be reviewed on the pitch on the body language. The central aspect of his speech was also the pleasure of playing some players of the German document champion missed in the past couple of weeks.

way of thinking more crucial than strategies

Versus Union Berlin (3-0), FC Bayern showed a various face in the very first fifty percent. The professionals encouraged with use as well as mix pleasure and showed a particular ease. Nagelsmann ended his speech with the topic of tactics. Surprisingly, the thorough expert highlighted that the techniques are not critical for success, but the attitude. Nagelsmann is not claimed to have resolved the exhilaration far from the square, such as the Seine hold-up in the Playback video game. That is a topic that is supposed to talk about the group internally.