How to Configure the Rate of Incidence of the Note of Ballads of Breeze During Genshin Impact's Windblume's Breath Event (March 3-27, 2023)

The Genshin Impact Pendulums Breath event starts on March 3, 2023, until March 27, 2023, committed to one of the most crucial celebrations of the year in Ronstadt. During the occasion, you can take component in the rhythm-game Ballads of Wind. If you have issues with a collection of glasses, you can modify the settings for a more comfortable video game. One of the important things that you can configure is the speed of dropping a note is how it functions.

Just how to make notes fall faster or slower in Ballads of Breeze-Genshin Impact Pendulum

  • The speed of falling notes establishes exactly how swiftly the notes appear on the display as well as come under the touch area. This does not influence songs, rhythm and also the complete variety of notes.


However, you might be interested in altering the audio speed of notes to make the gameplay extra comfortable for you. In this case, it is best to readjust the rate of falling notes in the game. Go to the events and also pick the setups in the upper right corner of the display. Inside you will certainly locate an area on the rate of autumn, which allows you to adjust the value from 1 to 2 with an action of 0.25. A higher number indicates a greater rate of fall.

Contrast of the rate of loss Gen shin Influence 1 as well as 2 in the Mini-game Ballads of Wind

Keep in mind the price of fall: 1

Setup of the rate of the note by 1 makes notes drop much more slowly, which just means that they show up on the screen earlier than needed. Therefore, you will certainly see even more notes at the very same time. This can produce the impression of a slower video game procedure as well as knock down your rhythm if you are made use of to much faster bitmaps, yet useful for newbies that require to intend your following relocation. The image over demonstrate how the speed of the autumn of 1 note appears like in mix 207. At the same time, the image listed below programs what the rate of falling 2 notes at the same factor on the bite map resembles.

Keep in mind the price of loss: 2

It is clear that the installation of a higher worth of the speed of the note makes the notes drop faster, which merely implies that they fall in the last millisecond. This leads to much less problem in the bitmap. This criterion is optimal for people who tend to push too quickly when there are way too many notes on the display. You can configure the speed of the note of the note with a step of 0.25 to select an appropriate worth for your preferences. We recommend that you try various settings to discover out what jobs best in this exceptionally happy mini-game. If you are torn in between the choices for each weapons, obtain acquainted with our comparison, which is much better, the lighthouse of the reed sea or the personnel of red sand? -Gen shin effect is below in Pro Video Game Guides.