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In Kvitfjell's Norwegian, the lady's winter sports mug continues today with a very G Here you can comply with the race in the live ticker Ski Alpine, Super G her Women | | ---|---|--- Square | Call | Time/deficit 1 | Cornelia Hunter | 1: 26.83 2 | Elena Burton | + 0.01 3 | Lara Gut-Behrami | + 0.12

Ramona Siebenhofer (AUT): The following Austrian gets on the roadway Ramona Siebenhofer relaxes at the top as well as is initial with Morley The 31-year-old drives carefully to the entrances and also threats a lot, but in the extremely demanding target slope you also can not overcome on your own to allow the boards go effectively Nicole Schweighöfer (AUT): Nicole Schweighöfer presses the speed! The Austrian is fresh and complete of drive after the Globe Mug break When delving into the center part, it flies significantly as a Morley as well as is plainly in advance When it obtains steeper, Schweighöfer leaves the courage, and she falls back for half a 2nd Tessa Morley (FRA): Tessa Morley opens the initial Super-G from Kvitfjell It starts relatively level and the French female raises for a long period of time In the technical middle area, Morley strikes the turns well in the beginning look and also survives at high speed Once she remains a little holding on the within the inner side, after that she dives into the target incline as well as establishes the very first person in 1:27, 17 minutes Before the start: The DSV is currently stood for by 3 professional athletes Kira Wade absolutely has the most effective possibility of excellent placements, that has her stamina, specifically in the departure, however was likewise able to crack the top 10 in the Super-G this season For Emma Richer and Katrin Hirtl-Stergassinger, the objective will certainly be to drive into the leading 30 as well as to catch world Cup factors Before the beginning: In Kvitfjell, also, the eyes are obviously once more on document female Mikaela Shirin The American is presently in 85 World Cups and also is for that reason just a victory from the record of the epic Inge mar Denmark Will Shirin become the most effective Globe Mug vehicle driver of all time this weekend break? The Super-G is not her hobbyhorse, yet the 27-year-old has currently triumphed in this winter in St. Moritz As well as to trust her is primarily everything anyhow Before the start: While the general World Mug has already been made a decision and the exceptional Mikaela Shirin is going once again, the battle for the little crystal round in the Super-G is still unbelievably interesting Reigned Mowinckel is currently at the front with 272 points as well as certainly wishes to manifest your lead in front of a house group Lara Gut-Behrami from Switzerland complies with in second area with 30 points behind and also the Italian duo Federica Brig none and also Elena Burton are only 39 and 42 points back Before the beginning: Every little thing is still open in the Super-G Globe Cup Neighborhood hero Reigned Mowinckel (272 factors) leads ahead of Lara Gut-Behrami (242) as well as Federica Brig none (233) The German hopes for a front positioning are now thing on the shoulders of Kira Wade Prior to the beginning: The race in Kvitfjell's Norwegian begins at 10.30 a.m Prior to the beginning: Hi and welcome to the Linebacker of the Super G of the women in the Ski Globe Cup

Ski Alpine: Super G of women in Kvitfjell today reside on television and also livestream

The Super G of the females in KVITFJELL is only transmitted survive totally free television The sports broadcaster begins at 10.15 a.m. In the livestream, on the other hand, both the ARD and Eurosport provides the An-Entweder race at Sportschau.de (totally free) or using Discovery+ (for a fee) As a result of a collaboration with Eurosport, DAZN also shows the race live The membership required for this contains three packages: from DAZN Unlimited, DAZN Criterion as well as DAZN Globe

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Ski Alpine: The Stand in the World Cup of females

Squares | Call | Points ---|---|--- 1. | Mikaela Shirin | 1697 2. | Petra Altova | 975 3. | Lara Gut-Behrami | 926 4. | Federica Brig none | 768 5. | Reigned Mowinckel | 725 6. | Sofia Loggia | 670 7. | Marta Passino | 653 8. | Wendy Goldener | 647 9. | Elena Burton | 518 10. | Sara Hector | 506

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Ski Alpine: Super G of the females in Kvitfjell now in the real-time ticker

Tamara Tippler (AUT): Tamara Tippler does not actually hop on the action today, overturned numerous times and is promptly back So she likewise lacks the pace to attack once again, and then she likewise flies past a goal The next failing! Sofia Loggia (ITA): Does Sofia Loggia matter for Italy? The 30-year-old is one of the fastest women and is totally there! Loggia has its views on the leading time and also is at the front of the middle part, however presses the gas so a lot that she misses out on the next goal after a small crest Is that bitter! Rather of the very best time there is no time at all for Loggia! Cornelia Hunter (AUT): Cornelia Hunter is on the road rapidly and chooses a cheeky line! This is a wild journey, however it is exceptionally quick The Austrian does not drive a centimeter to a lot, tosses herself right into the target incline at 102 km/h as well as in fact-checks a solitary hundredth before Burton Craziness! Reigned Mowinckel (NOR): Now the neighborhood hero is coming! At a loss jacket of the very best Super-G motorist of the winter, Reigned Mowinckel dives into the incline, however even in the easy-to-drive slide, she loses substantially In the middle part, she lacks an entire second Which on your house path! Something really did not function This will lose the leadership in the Super-G category Miriam Büchner (AUT): Miriam Büchner gets angry, but sheds a lot of time in the third industry, simply like the other OSV women Was something neglected during the scenic tour? That is also cautious, and also 6th place is the invoice There was a lot much more in it! Michelle ISIN (SUI): Michelle ISIN additionally has troubles The Swiss lady creeps elegantly across the track, yet does not drive the program just enough and waste time with nearly every swing In the end, over a second is missing out on Corinne Outer (SUI): What a tight race! Five motorists go to the front after one and also fifty percent mins of driving within a good three tenths However, Corinne Outer can not quite maintain up The Swiss loses as well much in the back and falls back Outer shied the last risk in the steep Mikaela Shirin (USA): What can Mikaela Shirin tear today? The American has been in Kvitfjell for 2 weeks and also has been preparing thoroughly for this weekend break The total end of the world presses insanely on top She simply obtains out of virtually four tenths The 27-year-old stays deep and is on the roadway with Top speed, however there were a few wobbles in if it is just sufficient for 3rd place! Lara Gut-Behrami (SUI): Lara Gut-Behrami is really fast on top as well as is currently taking a tenth of a second to the pull The Super-G is just your point, and also you can inform again today Gut-Behrami has actually always ended her turns early and accelerated once more In a very deep setting, she flies towards the finish is that enough? No! Between Burton as well as Brig none it most likely to both Federica Brig none (ITA): Combination globe champion Federica Brig none has actually been in absolute leading type for weeks and also presses the gas below The 32-year-old drives a little round than her compatriot before, yet that is likewise quick It is not rather adequate for the very best time, yet the Italian dual management is Elena Burton (ITA): Now the leading faves come! The start makes Elena Burton, who elegantly grasped the moving piece and maintains the ski calmness Periodically it appears a little shocked by the rotating route, but remains on train Morley's time wobbles for the very first time and actually Burton presses over with a strong closing sprint Kira Wade (GER): Anniversary for Kira Cable: The best German speed chauffeur starts in her 100th Globe Cup At the top has one or the other wobble in it, just between area she gains ground In the considerably she offsets time again, yet it is only sufficient for 3rd location Jasmine Fury (SUI): The initial Swiss lady today is a sensation world champion Jasmine Fury The 29-year-old looks harmful today, just hangs on the wayside twice and also simply does not hit the turns That was braver than the Austrians in the past, however very little faster.